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Banglarbhumi Citizen Services online - to know your property of Khatian & Plot Information - RS-LR plot information - Mutation Case status Etc

West Bengal is the leader in land reforms namely banglarbhumi in the country.Actually we are informing the information About Banglarbhumi Citizen services. In banglarbhumi citizen services you must search the information know your property of Khatian & Plot Information, RS-LR plot information, Banglarbhumi Mutation Case status and banglarbhumi land reforms Applications forms by which means Land & Land Reforms, Government of West Bengal .The State has distributed 23% of the whole land distributed in the country and to 53% of the beneficiaries vis-a-vis in all other States.

West Bengal has recorded more than 15 lakh Bargadars /Share croppers, which has not been done anywhere else in the country, and has distributed homestead land to more than 5.6 lakh beneficiaries. There are more than 30 lakh patta holders in the State.The Banglarbhumi land and land reforms and refugee relief and rehabilitation department information of 4.30 crores Khatians and 42,042 Mouzas are stored by the department.

Banglarbhumi Citizen services ->
-> know your property of Khatian & Plot Information,
-> RS-LR plot information,
-> Banglarbhumi Mutation Case status
-> Applications forms

Banglarbhumi Citizen services information :

Banglarbhumi know your property of Khatian & Plot Information :
go to Citizen services, CLick on "KNow your Property".

1. Select YOur District, BLock and Mouza.
2. After option will display like search by Khatian or Search by Plot.
3. if select one, what your searching here.
4. Enter Khantian or plot, click on "submit".
5. And check your details.

banglarbhumi RS-LR Plot Information :

Visit official link : RS-LR Plot Information Mouza Identification

1. Enter your "RS- LR Mouza Identification".
2. Select your District, Block and Mouza.
3. And select Sabek Dag -> Hal Dag(LR PLot No.) or Hal Dag -> Sabek Dag(RS PLot No.)
4. Click On "Submit".
5. And check your Mouza Identification Mauza Maps.

Banglarbhumi Mutation Case Status Search procedure:

Visit official website of : Mutation case wise Deed wise search

Or visit official webpage , Click on Mutation Case Status on the submenu of Citizen Services
Where two more option displayed on screen.
1. Mutation Case Wise Search & Deed Wise Search
2. If we follow case wise search , then select the district, block, Mouza, case number and click on submit button.
3. If we follow deed wise search , then click on deed wise search and enter the deed no and deed year and click on submit.
4. The result will be displayed which will show the status of the mutation case.
5. These are the procedure to search Banglarbhumi Mutation Case Status Search.

BanglarBhumi Citizen Services Application Forms Download :
Official website : Application forms

Go to Citizen Services => Application forms etc more information may updated here.