Banglarbhumi Mouza Map Search by khatian No and plot no

Banglarbhumi Mouza Map মৌজা পরিচিতি land classification by using khatian No and plot no at

Banglarbhumi Map made easier for the people of the West Bengal to get the khatians and plot information about land reforms.Where you must know Land classification, plot map (mouza map), Plot surrend details etc.

Directorate of land records and surveys west bengal which means Banglarbhumi land and land reforms is one of the important department of West Bengal. in west bengal public sector units as well as with the common citizens services of the state. where the banglarbhumi khatians and plot information of 4.30 crores Khatians and 42,042 Mouzas are stored by the department. That means, the Government of West Bengal launched this website so that the people of the state can see the various land-related information in one place that's called "Banglarbhmi".

WHat is Mauza :
mauza is a type of administrative district, corresponding to a specific land area within which there may be one or more settlements.

What is Mauza map :

A mouza map is very important as it comprises the boundaries of all land parcels and contains methodically arranged information line the ownership, land use and area details.

Search Banglarbhumi Mouza Map identification (through khatian & plot information map) :

Visit official website :

Goto Citizen service, where select "Mouza Identificationমৌজা পরিচিতি” .
goto "know your property" and where given your জেলা (District), ব্লক (Block) amd মৌজা (Mouza ).
finally Select "search by khatian or plot no", the image as given below.
For more details visit official website of Banglarbhumi :